hello my cariad, i'm emma

I'm mum to Lennon, a stylist and an avid lover of dresses. wearing them; looking at them; thinking about them. women look amazing in dresses. and dresses make women feel amazing.

these things combined led me to start my cariad, where I design ethically made dresses inspired by the women around me, with all the frills, trims, and practical elements I want to see in the clothes I wear. all done working from home with my tiny CEO sat right next to me.

at my cariad, love is at the heart of what I do. love can’t just be for the clothes alone, it has to run through the whole business.

I ensure every person involved in the making of my clothing is treated with the same love and care that I put into making my clothes. our manufacturers are held to high ethical standards, fair wages and treatment, whether here in the UK or overseas. I do the research and ask the hard questions so that I know the teams working on cariad dresses are paid fairly and treated with respect. that means you can love your cariad through and through

from the people making the cotton to the people packaging our clothing, I ensure that the extended cariad family are all cared for in the same way I care for my customers. you can be sure when you buy my cariad, you buy with love

caring for the planet is as important as caring for the people on it. shopping from our own wardrobes is the most ethical way to shop. but when we choose to consume new items, we can try to understand what it means to make better choices and what to look out for. to limit the environmental impact of my cariad, I use natural fibres over synthetic, choosing organic where I can. I keep an eye on my carbon footprint, and work with better dying techniques so that your new addition doesn’t hurt the planet.

And that’s my cariad.